Crack above garage door

found a crack above garage door. How serious could it be? Can it be easily fixed?


It’s a crack typically caused by the deflection of the beam over the garage door. How old is the house? Is the crack recent?

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built in 2004. crack is two years ago. how much would it cost to get it fixed? thank you. Mike

Get a quote from a local mason contractor.

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Is the lindel sagged or not? so is it ok to not get the lindel replaced at this time? Mike

We can’t tell that from your pictures, but as Randy said, the crack is usually caused by deflection of the lintel or beam or what ever is supporting the brick. You need to eye ball the header of the door or string it to find out if it is sagging. Sometimes the angle iron lintel supporting the brick is just lagged to the wood header or through bolted or supported by a beam. You need an Inspector or a Mason Contractor to evaluate the cause and have the repairs done accordingly. Which most likely would be to tuck point the cracked joints.


Fixing the veneer is easy, but addressing the actual root cause may not be. If the lintel or header is deflecting significantly, it could become quite involved. No one can ascertain from a picture what the root cause is or how severe it might be.

I think we all know why it is cracking, and we also can commit to the fact that it will never get corrected to the way it should of been to prevent the deflection to begin with.

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Are garages supposed to have lintels like doors and windows?

Needed to support the brick above the opening.

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Yeah I see none in that picture looks like calking, I will keep a eye on that one thanks.

Lentils should not be caulked, it retains moisture and water in the cavity from running out and will rust the lintel to a point of causing problems with the brick veneer. Moisture should be able to exit through weep holes above the flashing that should have been installed on top of the lintel to begin with and visible by about 1/4".

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Is that full brick or veneer ?

It is full brick that is one wythe thick…commonly called brick veneer.

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