Crack in Garage foundation...see pic

Southern Calif. Home. Its the only crack that I observed.
How should I write it up?

Looks like a typical settlement crack. But a wider shot might help as well as some background info on the area.

It depends on how tolerant you are with the risk of lawsuits. Here are two narratives to choose from.

“There is a visible crack in the foundation a the LOCATION(exterior). The crack was open and of measurable width at the time of the inspection. A crack in the foundation indicates a deficiency. Cracks can change seasonally and progress over the life of the home. The crack may or may not penetrate through the foundation footing. A professionally engineer should be consulted to evaluate the foundation and determine extent of necessary repairs.”

“There are some relatively small vertical cracks in the foundation walls, which are probably attributable to shrinkage and have little structural significance. Generally speaking, cracks that are less than 1/4” are not commonly regarded as being structurally significant, but this should not dissuade you from seeking a second opinion from a structural engineer or foundation specialist. Nonetheless, they should be monitored to see if there is active movement in this area, because such cracks can become a contentious and litigious issue. And sealing the cracks to prevent moisture intrusion is recommended."

typical with no displacement…

Although for some reason it doesn’t let me view the picture, I came across a new development. I inspected 5 new houses for a builder. In all 5 houses, the garage floors had cracks. Nothing too elaborate, but I didn’t feel right about it, so I made note of it and told him. A month later, he had to take all of the houses off the market, and other houses he sold already put in a lawsuit, because the houses were starting to sink. They built the development on what was once a lake and filled in. Not to worry you, but that was my run in. Good luck.

Ed Figueroa
Bartlett, TN