Vertical crack in foundation - concerns?

I am looking at a place but have concerns on a vertical crack that is through the entire block foundation from the inside of the garage to the exterior wall. Current owner says it has been there for as long as he can remember and he has been staying there for 30 years.

Do you guys think this crack may be an indication of a structural issue from the photos?

Vertical crack (bottom of floor to top):

Exterior wall mirroring the crack from above image (either sides of the wall from the crack are not on the same plane – not sure if I am explaining it correctly)

Garage concrete floor cracks; floor is a bit uneven at the large crack (vertical crack on foundation behind; cracks are not linked together):

House details:
Age of house: 51 years old
Length of crack: 3’-4’

Looks like a consistent crack from bottom of foundation to the top.

Thanks for the help!


Best advice I can give you is to hire a qualified competent home inspector to give you a professional “on-site” opinion.

Thanks! I am considering two houses and was hoping to see if I can narrow it to one before I hire a home inspector (if my offer is accepted) to look at the house.

No, not a significant amount of movement or separation to be a concern. Drainage issues near the house are the most common cause.

Mr. Currins is correct. Don’t substitute this forum for a complete home inspection.



Just to clarify, I am trying to narrow down on two houses we are interested in and then get a complete home inspection performed.


Kinda looks like the wall crack is near or at the same crack in the floor, the footing probably cracked years ago, you have what you see.

Wouldn’t make me lose any sleep. Especially the small area infected, you could easily have it repaired by a foundation contractor if needed.

Thank you! It definitely helps us narrow down our choices… :slight_smile: