Vertical crack through block foundation

Crack appears on both sides of the foundation. I’m told this isn’t a structural concern and I haven’t been able to find any information on it but I’m not convinced.

Unfortunately, I can’t upload pictures right now, but I will try and describe it.

Thin crack vertical through approximately 4 foot block foundation, no damage to the brick veneer above. On the other side (In the garage), a think crack in the same location.

Any opinions?

Did you observe a consistent thin crack, or one that gets wider as it goes up the wall?

Length of the crack?

Approximately how old is the structure?

It appears consistent, length approximately 4’. Age of structure approximately 20 years

Need a pic.

(I can’t give a haircut over the phone either.)

It’s not letting me upload pictures, just keeps saying uploading. Can I e-mail the pictures to someone?

Mark you need to reduce the photo size before uploading.

Look at the file size limit box.

Thanks Bob,

Here’s the pictures.

The inside picture is all that was visible. This was in the middle of a shelving unit. No visible cracking on the floor. No basement below.

On the outside, no cracking on the brick above.

I’ll also add that the current owners but the house in 2002 without an inspection and were unaware of the crack.

Typical settlement crack.
Looks like a plug and seal job is needed at most from the information…

Agree with Bob, very typical crack. I always recommend sealing to prevent moisture and insect intrusion.

I also agree with Bob.

Ok thanks, so even though the crack is most likely going through the block, there’s no structural concerns?

Masonry is very unforgiving. Any slight movement will crack it, often along the mortar joint, but not always. All houses settle to some degree.