Cracks in window well?

Hello all,

I performed an inspection today and found crack on both sides of the window wells in all windows in the rear of the house. In addition to those I also found a large ceiling crack on the main floor, a cracked mantle/fireplace wall and several cracks above doors on the main floor. This is a ranch style house that was built in 1959 with a finished basement and I can’t determine if I should call on an engineer or just have them consult some contractors. I have included several pictures and I appreciate your time, knowledge and wisdom in this matter.
Thank you!
image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6

1: Drywall cracks appear to be typical/usual joint/plaster tape, or lack thereof either of the two, issues.

2: Masonry serpentine crack. Can be poor brick/ashlar bond.

3: Window wells are absent? Pic please.

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Yea. I figured since its such an old house it would have some signs of expansion and contraction over time. This is the window well crack and at the very least it should be sealed in my opinion. Thanks for your feedback.

The drywall cracks at the doors are more than likely due to settling, caused by the header not being shimmed at the jack studs. Not a big deal and should not reoccur once repaired.

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Is the window well an egress escape?

I hope that it is not! :flushed:

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It is an egress for an old house build in 1959. Standards were much different I’m sure. But the crack did concern me.

Larry, kids & even adult used to be able to squeeze through that opening, but not today! :smirk:

This why is cracking - from squeezing the head through.
Seriously - I would recommend - repair . No structural engineer is not needed.

So why would the construction of the1959 building egress escape eliminate the open as an egress or EERO opening 2019? Emergence Escape & Rescue Opening.
Has the buildings basement been rearranged to allow another means of egress?

They need to eat less Big Macs & fries, eh?.. :sunglasses: