Concrete foundation crack

I would like other eyes on this,
Vertical crack at the inward corner under steel beam w/3 vertical 2x4’s

Correction 3 --2x6

Step down foundation. I take it the property is on an incline.
Vertical cracks in a pour concrete foundation wall are less adverse than horizontal cracks. Most do not pose a structural threat.
Refer to a licensed poured concrete installation and services repair contractor; for further evaluation and repair/s immediately.

Looks like Sanata Big Time in that home. Bet Christmas is a gas!

What is that I Beam supporting above?

bedroom floor joist

Who the hell is that?
A Foundation contractor or a structural engineer is what you should say.


Based on the location of the crack directly below a load bearing beam. I would refer to a foundation contractor for further eval.

I would too Brian, not because of the load above, but for what appears to be a slight settlement crack that closes up at the bottom or just shrinkage from weak concrete mix.
That wood support is really only 2-2x6, the first one doesn’t count. LOL, There is not enough weight above to have caused that crack.

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Not a good thing either. :slight_smile:

Brian, I know right!
That’s one of those things that i did not see while i was there, until i reviewed my pictures at the office.
This house had more belongings in my way, i have never had so many disclaimed area before.
Most of the house looked like a flea market

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Yes, I thought there was a door above, But there is a window. Maybe it occurred during construction? or the window is leaking?


I agree with that process. I am not a fan of writing reports in the field. Not to knock the guys that do, because some of them are fine inspectors. Good stuff.


it’s odd. does not appear to be from that window, too far in from the walls and no plumbing in that area.

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Fridge? Laundry? The water is traveling.

The hardwood floor is showing no signs of a leak. It looks clean and flat, with no cupping, looking at the pic

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And garage door tracks and support brackets are not meant for storage. LOL


No sir, I thought maybe potted plant over watering, but as Scott indicated the flooring looked fine

Agree, that’s what surprised me when seeing this after the fact

Foundation contractors don’t repair cracks? Hm???

Another B.S. statement. I built foundations all my career and if anything needed repair, I had to do it. Where do you get those ideas?

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