Crack in the Wood Beam

I was wondering if anyone can help me look at this wood beam to see if it need to be repaired. Thank you

This wood beam is located in the middle of the garage. There is a 2nd floor on top.

the majority of the crack appear only one side of the wood beam

It is simply wood checking and nothig to be concerned about.

Please reduce the size of your picture before posting it.

Thanks for the quick reply Larry. I will go ahead and reduce the picture size

I agree with Larry that the cracks in the post should pose no problem. It normal to see that when wood dries. The post is inside where it’s not going to get any water in the checks.

I agree with Larry and Robert on the condition of the posts.

Strange post location in the garage.

Regional thing. I see them all the time up here in WA.

Might be worth it to see if the beam can be supported with a work around eliminating that post.

Would not be hard to back up into.

Usually the garages are a little wider than normal (maybe 25-30 feet wide not the normal 20-22) and the beam is right between the two parking spots. I have seen them spanned with metal beams and even the majority of those have a support post.

That is what I was going to suggest.
Bet the beam is wood.

Thank you for everyone’s input and advise

Duct tape it and it will be fine. :slight_smile:

The duct tape will prevent scratches on the car’s bumper. :):):):):slight_smile:

No, no. It also needs caulk and paint. Any old paint will do as long as it’s structural paint.