Help! wood beam crack - dangerous or checking?

Hi! I was working on my basment when i found these cracks and my Two support beam. I never noticed them before because the beam were surrounded by wall. Both of them has those kind of cracks. They are 8x8 and the biggesr crack goes 2 inch and half deep at the worst place.

What you guys think? I’m kind of woried right now!

Those appear to be posts with some checking. From my vantage point in MI via pictures, I see no concerns.

I wouldn’t go nuts over it from my desk in Ohio either…

I don’t see a problem from here. :wink:

No big deal, standard wood checking, see it all the time in older beams.

Oh! Thanks a lot guys! It’ll be easier to find sleep tonight! I was scared by those crack! I’ll keep an eye on them! Thanks again!

They look like Douglas Fir, nice and stout, and notorious for cracking. You might try some iron bands around them, if you are still worrying about it.

Checks, absolutely no problem.