How or what would you recommend on this issue? Crack was close to being a 1/4 in wide in some places. Just seal and monitor?


Need more info - ie. far away pic, location, other side of this crack, etc.
From this picture it looks displaced

Outside on the foundation, near AC unit. There is no side to side displacement, just a crack that I think should be sealed and monitored?
The crack is about a 1/4 in, in a couple places. There is good drainage on this side of the home.

Gary, I agree with Richard, need more info. Different pic would help.

It could also be caused by possible upheaval of the foundation. Sometimes the settlement or upheaval is minor. Other times, the crack can grow to 1/2 inch or more in width. Monitor the width of these cracks and call in a structural engineer early in the process to get a professional assessment.

It can also be marked with a sharpie and monitored if there is no concern, the pen will tell you if there has been any other movement since the last mark.

Vertical or nearly vertical cracks in poured concrete or [FONT=Arial]concrete[/FONT]]( block foundations are bad news. They are a sure sign of serious trouble. If the cracks are wide at the top, it usually means that one end or both ends of the foundation are dropping or the middle of the foundation is rising or heaving. If the crack is wider at the bottom then the exact opposite is probably happening. You need a structural engineer as soon as possible to evaluate this type of problem.

There is a conditioned room othe the other side, office.
This is the only pic we have.

Here is a better pic.

Much better pic I would say seal and monitor based on the outside pic

Seal and monitor

Vertical cracks mean bad news huh? A ‘sure’ sign of serious trouble eh?

Chtt, been waterproofing vertical cracks(all types) for 3 decades,
have yet to see one (1) we`ve waterproofed have any sort of
‘serious’ future trouble.

Know why we know this? Cuz i gotta guarantee the bitch
for 20 years. call people to check on em time and time again.

NOT saying a vertical crack,or other cracks
will never be/has never been a ‘sign’ of future problems…further
problems may or may not be ‘serious’.

The cracks/walls ive seen widen/bow/have further trouble were ones that werent excavated,waterproofed and backfilled correctly,most
had some sort of inside system done or, nothing was done.

To say a ‘sure sign of serious trouble’ is bllcchttt, based on what weve SEEN first hand, right up close for 3 decades. Statement comes from someone who recommends trench drains rather than waterproof an existing crack,believe what ya like.Hes entitled to his remodeling-carpentry-
realtor(built a few homes) opinion.

20 year guarantee WOW what a warranty

Check this thread gary