Foundation crack

Could someone give me some ideas about this crack in this foundation. The crack goes from top to bottom. About 1/4 inch wide. I thought I detected a slight bulging of the concrete along this crack. I did not see it on the exterior (had about 3 feet of foundation showing). House was built on a hill. This is the upside of the hill with a garage door opposite this wall. I recommended a SE look at this. What say you? In the second photo the crack is on the far left behind the red container.



More photos.

More photos here.



I think you were right to call it out, but need to see the exterior as well.

I think you were correct in your recommendation.

I don’t have a lot of issues with a lot of cracks here, but that one would have made me pause, and recommend an engineer.

In your first picture, it looks like the Mississippi River in that there are three islands, i.e., two cracks that create an island of concrete between them. Those types of cracks usually indicate more serious things going on, and I often find them to still be active as well.

  1. Same width top to bottom or open more at the top or bottom.

  2. Open more at the interior surface than toward the exterior or could you tell?

  3. Was it continuous through the wall?

  4. Was this the only crack?

  5. Was there a hillside above this side of the house?

It looks like a crack from lateral pressure, similar to this one I found in a garage built into a hillside. This one had been permanently shored with a steel beam.

cracked garage.JPG

crack - Copy.JPG

crack 1 - Copy.JPG

Yes, I believe your right.

I could not see the whole crack. But from what I saw, it looked the same width.

Could not tell. Was barely able to get close enough to put the tape measure on it, too much junk in the way.

I do not believe so. Two foot of foundation visible on the outside wall, I did not find any cracks.


Yes, like yours a garage door on opposite side of wall.

Yes, I believe your right.

Hi David,

I also would have defered this crack to an SE, both becuase of the size of the crack, and also it appears to show some lateral displacement.



Uneven width and lateral displacement would be the most significant reasons, IMO, to call for an SE. Of course, ANY crack could be significant in the eyes of an SE.