Cracked flue tile

Can any firplace specialist tell me how to handle a cracked tile flue from a wood burning fireplace? There is a brick chimney with a tile flue that is cracked from top to bottom all the way through the tile, but the flue is surrounded by the combustion air intake that is made of brick. There is probably 10" of clearance between the flue and the brick. Is this a big concern and if so what is the best way to repair?

Can you post pics?

Consult a chimney sweep. They can give you the answers you are looking for.

The crack must be addressed. I do not know of any patch type repair that is going to last. Replacement of the tile or installing a flex stainless steel liner are about the only solutions that com to mind.

I assume that since you were able to see the tile that cracked that it is near the top. - Yes?

I concur.

Get it fixed ASAP. Cracked tiles will eventually break free and lodge the opening of the chimney shut.

Call a chimney specialist.

Thanks for the input!