cracked glass

I just installed this window at my place in northern AZ. It is a remote area and a long drive to Home Depot. After installing it I noticed the crack in the glass. This is an aluminum frame dual pane window from Home Depot. Is there a way to repair it? The window was only 150.00. Is it better just to replace it?

Call the HD Store Manager, explain the situation, email the photo. See what they’ll do. Inquire about a “manufacturers labor claim”. May get nothing, may get help. See how much they value your business.

Gas is gone.(argon)
no way to refill that.

Here is a link on repair ,if that is your last option.

Thanks Bob.

From what I’ve read, argon filled panes aren’t that beneficial in warmer climates. The cost of a new window pane and labor may end up being the same as the entire window. At least, up here it would be.


Sounds like a stress crack done during MFG. I would return it to Hoe Depot and get a new one.

Gary, I recommend a replacement. Not sure if you installed the window because there wasn’t one there before or as an upgrade, but either way, make the effort to do it right the first time. Windows are one of the best investments in a home, and long lasting. While you could mess around with a repair, you would be settling for less than what you originally intended. We see plenty of patches / repairs in our business and often they result in degraded performance over time.

I agree with others that is a good idea to check with Home Depot, they may take it back or discount the replacement. I would put in the highest quality window (for your intended application) you can afford and pay close attention to installation methods. Windows are not, in my opinion, a place to go cheap, it’s just a waste of money.

Taking the time to do a quality job up front will serve you for a very long time and improve the value of your home.

Jeff Tatlock
BEACHSIDE Home Inspection