Window Pane Crack

The window pane cracked top to bottom, corner to corner, double glazed, interior pane only. The installer and manufacturer had these comments. Due to the extreme cold and the differential in temperature, interior to exterior, this is not a manufacturing or design issue, the cause of the crack is environmental. The window is vinyl clad, no other windows in the home had this problem. The installer heard of 10 other home that had window pane cracks.
I would appreciate any comments relating to the suspected cause.

I would say someone is trying to dodge a bullet lol;-)

I’m no engineer, but it sounds like the hermetic seal failed and the internal glazing failed to withstand the bowing that the delta T caused. Probably single strength glass (1/16"). I agree with Wayne, this sounds like a CYA on the manufacturer’s assessment.

Who is the manufacturer ?
Over the last 5 years or so there is a big drop of in quality of vinyl double hungs and brand name it hard to find as I suspect they are being dumped in from overseas.

Only brand that seems to have little failure is Climate guard.

The manufacturer is Strausberg, reputable window manufacturer in Canada

Not likely the manufactures saying it is the cold, the dealer doesn’t want to be bothered

It’s due to “Global Warming”…

Getting tired of opening flimsy double hungs with upper sashe slid downs,lower sashe tops warping,busted seals,cracked of limits,and locks that are not lining up.

Metal sashes on Traco seem to get tighter every year and the wide ones need a crow bar not to mention all the cold air from the framing.(aluminum)

Lets protest to go back to pulley and weight systems.

Interesting…a reputable window manufacture in Canada says it wasn’t built to withstand such cold temperatures…:roll:

“During the inspection we noted at least one window with the window panes cracked. Have a competent window specialist service and repair as needed. Have window specialist verify why this has happened and verify remaining windows do not have same underlying cause (of if they do service the others as needed)”.

"During the inspection we notice at least one window with cracked pane(s). According to the manufacturer, the cracking is environmental, caused by cold temperatures.

Recommend replacing all windows with plywood"…:|.)

This time of year it is recommended to paint the plywood in a warm are before installing it out side .
also recommend using a solvent base caulking as water base caulking could freeze