Defective asphalt comp. shingles

Shingles on the whole whole roof had these cracks in them. There were two slightly different colors too, but they’re applied in a pattern which makes me think they wound up with two different colors and all shingles were all installed at the same time.

Home built in '97, they look defective to me. Recommending qualified contractor.


Manufacturer defect. Certainteed I believe. Joe Hagerty would know for sure.

They had to know when they were putting them on or even before so I bet the guy got a deal on factory rejects.
I wonder if the color differential could have set up the cracks due to different rates of expansion and contraction?


I think Erol is correct, they might be Certainteed Horizon Shingles, lots of past problems with them if I remember correctly.

But like Erol said, I think Joe Hagerty would know for sure.

I think you guys are right. There was a thread on this subject not long ago and I was trying to remember the brand. Certainteed was it and this looks like what was posted (I think by Joe) on that thread. I’ll go look.

Although two colors were used, large areas were covered with one color. Cracking was uniform across the whole roof.

They are definitely NOT Certainteed “Horizon” shingles. These in the photos are a laminated shingle, where as the the “Horizons” are an “applique” shingle. There is no additional shingle sawtooth pieces laminated to the Horizons.

My best guess, due to the large shadow line, is an Owens Corning OakRidge style or possibly a GAF Timberline. They both had offerings with a very extensively prominent shadow line such as the ones pictured.

The color variance is probably from using 2 distinctly different lot runs during the initial construction. It seems too consistent to be a wind damage repair.


Can not tell from the photos.

That is not a defect in the shingles. The shadow is how they were made.

The cracking on the other hand, was caused by improper moving methods used during transport or when the bundles were transported to the roof.

As for the two different colors, it appears that there were two different colors ordered or, they are from two different manufacturers and the colors don’t match.

If my Error and Omissions insurance company read that in my report, I would be looking for another company, if I could find one to insure me after the court case was settled.


I have seen the exact thing on brand new roofs hundreds of times and it wasn’t a factory defect.

As for what is going to be done about the roof in question, probably nothing unless it is one of certainteed shingles, which it doesn’t appear to be.

To continue on, if you do not think they will crack during installation, read this:

I would say that the above is what has happened.

I’m cuious about the cause, but the liability is getting shifted to a qualfied roofing contractor. I looked for a left over package, but no luck.

What great info. Where else but NACHI?

You never did answer my question as to why. Also, I never said that the statement I made would appear in my report.

The report would say something to the effect of: Damaged shingles observed throughout the entire roof covering. The cracking may lead to leaks or loss of shingles during high wind conditions. Replacement of the roof covering is recommended.

Naturally the color difference is related to different color shingles.

It was my impression in your post the cracking occurred because the shingles were not handled correctly before being installed, in which I disagree wholeheartedly. I would say that is a manufacturer defect if I ever saw one.

My impression of your answer to Kenton’s post was the fact that I thought you would write this in a report, since this was the answer in your post.

I basically said if I wrote in a report this was Not a manufacturer defect, they were just simply handled incorrectly and the buyer found out in fact they are defective shingles, naturally I would be buying a new roof, insurance companies hate buying new roofs, and if they saw the pictures of the shingles and I wrote what you said in your initial post in a report, I’m sure they would cancel my policy.

Yes, they are two different colors alright.

Great, I wouldn’t put it in a report either.

Now we are on the same page…:smiley:

And I would disagree with you. After hurricane Wilma, when people finally got their roofs replaced, numerous batches of shingles showed up all looking like the ones above. It was January and you could tell that they were handled improperly. Several of the bags were ripped and shingles were damaged.

I never write down the cause, and I wouldn’t advise anyone else to do so, I wold merely write down that he shingles were damaged and probably recommend replacement.

I noticed that the shingles on the roof above were 10 years old. Maybe, they are just worn out and some came off and that is why there are two different colors. They couldn’t be matched.







Hey, Guys and Gals
These shingles were sold and installed mostly in the western states, But…
They’ve been the subject of a class action suit against Pabco. They are most often referred to as HO 25 series. This whole roof was replaced and it was recognized as manufacturing issue, not misshandling.
Just my 4 cents.





You mean this: