Cracked Shingles

On a recent inspection the whole roof (12 years old) looked like this
Cracked Shingles At A Youngstown Home Inspection.jpg
Seeing how they vented the attic I’m not surprised
Attic Ventilation At Youngstown Home Inspection.JPG
Seems pretty expensive to have pvc pipe cut up and used for vents instead of using baffles.

Looks like a re-roof to me.

Nice (straws) soffit vents.

Looks like the Certainteed shingle defect:

Yes, definitely appears to be a manufacturing defect. I have seen the same condition on a few homes, call for replacement.

That’s craze cracking in the applique of CertainTeed New Horizon shingles. A common and well-known defect. That’s not a laminated shingle. the appliques are simply bonded to a three tab to make it look like a laminated shingle. I believe Dave and John are right.