Cracks in Brick Veneer

My husband and I are first time home buyers and our home inspection just came back. 58 pages! Our seller has been incredibly cheap and difficult to work with. But I sent the inspection to my father, and he pointed out that we should be concerned about the cracks to the brick veneer because it could mean that we have foundation issues and the issue with the roof trusses.

Mind you, I’m originally from southern Illinois, where we have mine subsidence, and it’s nearly impossible to find a home without cracks in the foundation from settling, which is what I always assume minor cracks are. But our since our inspector pointed out some minor cracks, are these things that I should be concerned with? Should I hire an engineer to come inspect the foundation and the roof trusses? Because I know there’s no way the seller is going to pay for that.

Photos are always helpful. since there are none at this moment i couldn’t say one way or another. Seller doesn’t want to pay etc for existing problems? I would have offered less or moved on.

Here’s a little something I can show ya at this moment, best I can do right now, hairline cracks in bricks, joints ABOVE foundation wall that had a crack in the wall below grade. Sometimes, that’s sometimes… when a crack in wall occur it could cause crack(s) in bricks above grade
some cracks etc in bricks along, above ground level… right? And some below grade in the foundation wall

It is so dependent on where the cracks are, by a window under a window etc. . How old the house is? Where you are located? It shouldn’t cost a lot to get a good licensed mason contractor to look at it and give you some peace of mind.