Cracks in the garage floor

Just wanted to see what you all felt about this one. The home had some negative grading around it so there was water running up to the foundation.



It looks like the water beneath the slab is coming up through the cracks.

Has the weather been wet there recently? They need a way to divert the negative drainage with a berm or something similar.

– or could this be ground water?

Well it has to be irrigation water and or snowmelt, we don’t get much rain out here. I definately recommended fixing the negative drainage.

Since you’re in Nevada, I suspect they didn’t use a vapor barrier beneath the concrete. Quite common in desert environments, but that doesn’t make it right. Ultimately they’ll have to remove the garage floor and re-do it. Hopefully they’ll use a vapor barrier at that time. Patch and seal, with regular homeowner monitoring and maintenance, especially after periods of high rain and earthquakes is all I recommend.

Thanks for the info! I was just hoping that it wasn’t something dreadfully obvious that I was missing. Thanks again.