Water in the garage

I did an inspection today with water stains on the garage floor with what looked like salt deposits. It is slab on grade and the driveway appears to have sufficient slope away from the garage, so it doesn’t look like water is running in from the driveway. I see settlement cracks in the surface of the slab but nothing concerning with them. is it possible the water is seeping up through the slab? No foundation issues were found.

Is it possible they parked something in there that contained sea water, boat, jet ski, etc?

Or even salty snow covered cars from the roads??

Do they use salt in LA on the roads ,I expect no .

Are you sure it’s not efflorescence? Rising seasonal groundwater?

I don’t know. It is very common here in OK, so thought it might be worth consideration.

Dont really use salt here. Not much snow. We do get ice. They usually shut down bridges at that point but thats about it.

It could be something as mentioned by other folks that sea water from boat or car. However you need to check carefully also as there could be foundation issues.