Crawl Space footing

On an inspection today of a condo with crawlspace, the floor in the crawlspace has a partial membrane with pea gravel. However all around the perimeter the footing tile is exposed and not covered with pea gravel. To me this is just not right, but would like other opinions and possible links to verify if the pea gravel should cover the footing tiles. First time submitting pictures, hope it works.

Thanks in advance, Steve

exposed footing tile 2.jpg

exposed footing tile 2.jpg

exposed footing tile 2.jpg

exposed footing tile.jpg

I don’t see the exposed tile as an issue. I am concerned with a vapor barrier that doesn’t cover the entire area.


Shoouldn’t the vapor barrier cover the entire area, be sealed and then covered with pea gravel?

Thanks, Steve

In the first picture it looks like the water rises above the drain pipe, how did it smell in there? it looks pretty clean.


The vapor barrier should cover the entire ground but I rarely but I rarely see them sealed.

Didn’t smell all that musty, but there were numerous puddles of water on top of the plastic. No visisble plumbing leaks. It did have a continiously running Fantech exhaust fan discharging out of one of the crawl space wall vents.

Sure looks like the work was never completed.

What’s the rest of the crawl look like?

Marcel :slight_smile:

PEX piping yanked out of its supports so HVAC could run flexible ductwork where they wanted. Ductwork improperly supported. Puddles of water all over what little vapor barrier there is. Lady just moved in in mid-February. Hire me to do a report to hopefully get contractor to come back and fix things.

Think she is in for a long battle.