Crawl Space

Well I did my yearly crawlspace on Sat, man I hate crawlspaces. Of course as I do one a year I went in in shorts and a short sleeve shirt, yuck, I need to get a tyvek suit and keep it in the truck.

Earth to wood contact, damp ground, and a plumbing leak. Couldn’t get to the leak with my hand as piping was in the way.

Nice knees!

Aaaahhhhhhhh Brian had to earn his money today!!! :mrgreen: Poor guy. Join the club!! Most of us enter a crawl space on a daily basis!! No pitty party here MR.!!! :mrgreen: Try crawling through this. :shock:

070420-01 030.jpg

070529-01 073.jpg

We do a lot of crawl spaces here as there are a lot of older off grade homes here. I assume that was a manufactured home based on the obvious metal framing. I was struck by the lack of tie downs but I suppose you all do not need them like is required in our area. I would welcome one without the scores of tiedowns, skirting bracing, and slimy ground usually found underneath. The ground in your photo looks remarkably hard and flat. Are you sure that small wet spot on the ground wasn’t a pee pee spot from your having to do your annual crawl space?:wink:

You got me Doug.:smiley:

last thursday’s
guy calls says hardwood floors cupped
need moisture source identified
turns out a hot water line has a pinhole and has steamed the entire crawlspace
thousands worth of damage
every bit of wood was over 50-60%

about 30% of the homes I inspect have crawlspaces…extra time, extra $$

Barry, that is an amazing amount of moisture…must have been a sauna in there. Guy didn’t notice his energy bills thru the roof?


I posted a question on here last month as I also do infrequent crawlspace inspections and noticed the same material covering the insulation as was in your pics. My question was vapor barrier or not as you usually don’t see them on this side of the insulation although hot summer, mild winter exception…anyway, what is your comment on that stuff?

sauna, shower, bathtub all in one
they thought the utility increase was from the kids being home from school and pool usage. i guess they party a lot

here is some crawl space info and the reason to wear protection when doing crawls. one never knows what may be in the air, surfaces, or water down there. work safely

a fellow inspector in corpus christi, tx has gone through the irc and pulled a lot of the codes into one pdf. it’s too large a file for the system to load but avail. in a private mail for those that want them.

Many here (AZ) don’t use tie downs. I always ask the client are you going FHA or VA, because both require tie downs. I think the tie down requirement is every 4 -6 ft. Some times there is one tie down on one side and one on the other that helps for the house but is not ok for FHA or VA.

Brian, if you are going to do a crawlspace inspection, wear elbow and knee pads. It’ll help you get around. Also, wear a 1/2 face respirator. You never know when you’ll run into that asbestos dust cloud from old ducting.

Wow, the crawlspace you are complaining about would be a dream for me. Almost always damp, if not wet around here.

I am glad we do not have very many crawl spaces here in Wisconsin. I would rather put up with the spiders in a basement than do a crawl space. You earn your money with those.

Yes, we do…2 more today. $$:D$$

My little buddy from today. I don’t know, do you show the client ALL the pictures from the crawl space? :o

Observe and report, I hear.

“Rat should be evaluated by a licensed veterinary professional?”

Hey Brian

I want to know did you write up that exposed “footer” in the second pic. It doesn’t appear to be supporting much!:p:lol:

Back to slab on grade today and an air conditioned attic to boot, life is good. :smiley:

if i ever get to do another one like the one in the link picture
i know i have died and gone to heaven and may have to give them a rebate
the last one like this was 75° RH 39% no gear, no change of clothes just flip the switch and it lit up like the Vegas strip


Wow nice Barry.