crawl space moisture

Can you help me with verbage on my report for the crawl space. Here are my notes, see pic below:

  1. House is vacant for four months
  2. water is consistently in crawl puddles, corners, etc
  3. Gutters not diverted away from house-rec repair
  4. Rec positive grade away from house
  5. Crawl has poly on floor and foam on walls although not conditioned
  6. no active leaks in plumbing
  7. mold like substance in pictures
  8. Ductwork is sealed although some has fallen off duct work
  9. Crawl does have wall vents (so not fully conditioned crawl)
    I am not certified in mold, so what can I write up here?
    I am recommending crawl space tech properly install poly-seams, up foundation, etc. and install sump pump (there is a crock but no pump inside lol)
    Just don’t know how to write up mold?

“Microbial activity” is always a great way to reference mold, since you only really know it is mold if you test it. You don’t want to be testing every time you think you see it however. But you do want to report the possibility of it being present.

I always recommend a 70 pint ( minimum ) self pumping dehumidifier in basements as well. Add this to your list.

Thank you guys for the input!

should I recommend humidifier by qualified plumbing contractor??