Crawl Space Mold Anyone?

In a couple decades of doing this I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen such a moldy crawl space. 7 year old building, no ventilation and standing water everywhere (extra points with it being this bad in the middle of summer).

At first glance I thought the space had been treated for mold due to everything being white and looking painted. Nope!



My first thought was paint too


Looks like stinky cheese. Did it taste like it?

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That looks like the paint used in mold cleanup. Did you check under the insulation for mild? Wet crawlspaces typically have the worst mold on the rim joist, sill plate, and the ends of the joists next to the rim joist.


Yeah, there was some paint on the vapor barrier so maybe someone attempted a fix but it definitely didn’t hold. The space just stunk of wet mildew/mold. I poked around the insulation a bit and it seemed to be less behind it. It was under a 3500sf single-level commercial building. I’d hate to see the bill for that one!

this is one I did on Friday, this was someone’s attempt at Mold remediation.

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I believe it is white mold. The substance would have to be tested to be certain. I normally only see it in attic spaces where I work (NW Ontario, Canada),.
I have only seen it present in under ventilated spaces, and even then the occurance seems random.

that looks like paint from Ohio but without the lick test You will never know…

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I just heard back from this client as he was going through the process and he got a bid for 130K to repair. Yep. as in $130,000!! It’s almost as if the dollar has no meaning or value anymore… .wait a minute… ah, never mind.

That article is awful.