Crawl space water issue

I bought my first house! Yay! What a f*** nightmare. My first and definitely not last discussion us about my crawl space. When i first saw the house it was completely dry. No water ontop or below of the water vapor. In the contract the inspector said it was humid in the space with sime mold. As per contract the mold was treated was a slight case (if one exists with mold). Any ways today i saw several little puddles of water throughout the space. No leaking pipes or drains. There is a trench dug around the supports and fpundation but no gravle or signs of a pump for drainage. Is this an issue?

what is that open drain pipe connected to ?

That is the drain for the over flow drain pan for the washer on the second floor. I just realized it and am heading to home depot to fix it appropriately. Thanks.

Therein may be you problem.


Thats what i thought. However, there are puddles if water all throughout the space and it slopes down. That drain is centered in location of the foundation and i know water cant possibly travel up hill plastic.