Plumbing Help2..Big Water hole.

Hi Inspectors,

This water “puddle”( bigger than a puddle) was in the corner of this crawlspace. The copper pipe goes into it. What do you think could be wrong here??? Blocked up? Not draining properly? Any help in appreciated.






Hi Greg,

It is hard to believe that a plumbing leak has cause that ammount of errosion under the footing, do you know where that copper pipe is going? is it feeding an outbuilding, sprinkler or tap? either way it is just plain wrong.

My guess is that that was excavated to get the pipe out under the footing,it needs repair as the footing is not supported.



Thanks for answering Gerry!

I would have plumber come look at it with a leak detector. The elbow didn’t look in great shape either.

Is there movement in the water constantly? How about when water is draining?

Looks like cast iron pipes gone bad.

If all of these posts are from the same place it looks like they have periodic flooding. You may have a leak but if this is a low point in the space you may be seeing a high water table or the place were all the water sits after a flood. I suspect much larger issues to investigate. The sediment on the vapor barrier on one of the other photos is another indicator as well as the sump. If there were any other drainage issues that may be a part of it but obviously there is a need for a foundation and drainage specialist and the plumber!


I called this out for a drainage specialist and a Plumber in my report. It was a pretty bad crawlspace. All the photos are from the same place.


At my last house, after large rains that had water standing across yard, water would be in the soil area under tub until things dried out outside. Didn’t come above the concrete level, tho.