Crawlspace Exam Pics

Hi all. I am getting through the course here. We do not have crawlspaces in the location we live. Can I access pics for me to do an essay on?

i don’t have a problem w/you using my image for your essay
i’d be interested in knowing location i may want to semi-retire where no crawls exist


Welcome aboard, Reon!


Thanks very much!

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You’re welcome!

Thanks Barry. Much appreciated.
I live in Calgary. The trade off for no crawlspace is the odd -20deg in winter…

Welcome Reon enjoy :grinning:! I’ll take crawlspaces over -20 any day. I grew up in that weather. I remember when it got to 10 degrees F we’d walk outside without coats as if it were a beach day!

great, there’s easily enuf there for a 40 word essay
i’ll be a pass on the relo, worked/sported in those temps in a past life & had my fill

Welcome…Happy Inspecting !!

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I lived in Alberta for 28 years. When I first moved there in the early 90s, working oilfield, we seen a lot of days where it dipped into the -40’s to -50’s Celsius. -20°C is BBQ weather :smile:


@rsharp4 Here are some pics from yesterday that are more “typical” but missing insulation if you want. They both have issues, but not the horror show that most people will post. Since you are not familiar with them, let me know if you need any clarity.

And one more…because it apparently

only let me upload one.

careful around sagging insulation. I had a copperhead fall out of a bat of insulation ounce.

Thanks for the responses all!
This is the first forum discussion and I was not disappointed. Thanks for all the help.
On to the next exam!

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