Winter time Inspecting!

Had to post some pics from today’s inspection. Never seen snow flakes this large before. Looks like baseballs dropping from the sky…


I hope we get a good blizzard this winter down here!

Haven’t had one for 3 years.

Just going out for decorations.

It is rare they get that big.

-30 C (-22F) in Edmonton -40 C and F in Red Deer, which makes Alberta the coldest place anywhere right now.

You can have it!

82 today in SE Florida.:smiley:

Just disclaim the entire exterior of the building.

I was wondering what the temperature was. My thermometer broke!

We need to do something soon about global warming. This is terrible!

Thats nice, but here is one thing I don’t ever expect to be found in one of my reports.
No fire ants or rats either.


After dark, I used to like sitting in the hot tub for a while and then jumping in the pool. Your picture will give me second thoughts about that…thanks, :shock::frowning:

That’s a baby!

Well, just the same, I would like to keep everything that I now have attached to my body intact…thank you very much! :smiley:

I just had a commercial one, nothing but wet, cold slush today. I think I’d rather have snow.

No roof inspections for a while…maybe in the Spring? :mrgreen: Snowed here for the last 3 days.

Looking like that here right now.
Not fun to drive in and I hate disclaiming the exterior.

now its snowing pretty good up here.

This is the best time 'cause there’s a cushion of snow everywhere in case you fall! You don’t have that added luxury when there’s no snow :D.


Some of us still do roofs in winter Chris although it did have a little less snow on it than you have.:slight_smile: Yesterdays inspection just south of us.


This old body still gets up there in the winter. Here’s one from last week, before we got the 25 inches Wednesday and Thursday !