Crawlspace Heating

Asked the owner if he has in floor heating system in place. He says he does. Went and inspected the crawlspace, low and behold he does!

Anybody have a ball park figure on what it would cost to fix this joist cut out?:mrgreen:

Comments welcome.

Not much $. But it’s not our job to give estimates. At least I don’t.

I like you have no idea . By stating this to the client I can not get in trouble .
If I give a figure and it is a lot more . It is me who is the bad guy.

I do give guest estimate on things I have knowledge for , but stay away from things that might cost a lot of money

But are the heaters ok in that location. The heaters are hanging from the joists and they are wired properly. The only thing that could go wrong is if the power went out while on vacation. Then the pipes would freeze. For my own knowledge is this code compliant?

I doubt the baseboard units are wet rated.

How about those plugs and what type outlet are they plugged into as well.

What are clearance requirements above the units.
Looks like a big fire trap to me and should get really really warm.

No joist insulation and no vapor barrier on the ground under that gravel ?

Any venting besides the hatch ?

The outlets are your typical interior 15 amp 14/3 wire. Interior junction boxes. The foundation perimeter is insulated. 4 crawlspace entrances all closed and insulated on the inside but removable. I was thinking it was ok on the basis that is a heated space. There is poly under the sand and the grading is good. 4 baseboard heaters connected to one thermostat that is preset. I told the clients that it is an unusual set up. I found other electrical issues and to hire a electrician to substantiate my findings. Are you thinking about a 3’ rule. I don’t believe that a joist could catch fire because the kindling temp is too high. I’m more concerned about the wire laying on the sand exposed with burnt outer sheathing. I did not call out the baseboard heaters as a major concern.

It is a hazard. Look up and read up on “Pyrolysis”.

Cameron, this was great information. Thanks for sharing it.

Glad to help. :slight_smile:

But for some reason the fire engineering link isn’t working anymore. :frowning: