Crawlspace Vents/Structural support

Hello Everyone,
I have been an inspector about a year and a half. I have never seen anything like this so I thought I would post the picture and see if anyone else has. I can describe more if anyone is interested.

That’s a combo vent. Looks like the damper doors are missing. Could also be the model without doors.


Thank You. But not that. I am referring to what is behind the vent.

Framing is what it is… need pics from the inside to see what’s going on.

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Super common to have framing in front of vents in my area. Is that what the question is?

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My guess is a space he didn’t venture into. Exterior pics through the vents? If that was the situation, it is still any easy write up.

Thanks all yes framing. You are right I did not get all the way into crawlspace because the rim joist ran in front of that as well so not much space. I don’t really see this in my area. I guess my question is they cut the holes at the vents, is that ok? It looks kind of like this except it is a beam and not 2x4’s

I believe thinking it through with your guy’s help it would not make any difference to cut at the vents in this type of structure. Is that correct?

Note what you see and don’t make corrective recommendations.

Just based on your pics;

" The crawlspace ventilation as observed from the exterior, appeared to have some type of interior framing built in close proximity to the vent that could possibly affect the natural ventilation flow intended for the area. Further evaluation blah, blah…blah…"

And be sure to disclose why that area could not be observed from the interior.


Looks like a poured concrete Slab foundation, with a crack.
As for the light timber framed structure, not enough information on way or another unless you crawled the crawlspace. Limitations.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the framing looks like an I-joist or a rim board. You can put holes in both, but there are limits on the size, location, etc.
Links to more detail from one manufacturer:

If the holes for the crawl space vents are too big or in the wrong place, it could be an issue.