Crawspace dangers from wildlife

Here’s some good information on how to stay safe in crawlspaces…

Lots of threats to being in crawlspaces. I would begin by reading our information on diseases.

You should also do a literature search on our digital commons.

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Thanks Kenton. I try to wear gloves in the crawl, even though it makes for clumsy fumbling with camera. Here’s a pic from this PM, why I like gloves. Can’t you almost smell it? Squirrel is my guess. :cool:

John Kogel


I am probably most concerned by HantaVirus myself.

:shock: Looks like HantaVirus can be inhailed when contaminated dust particles are present. As for me I never enter a crawl, or attic, without a decent respirator and filters.

Good info! :smiley:

Yeppers Vince, anywhere there are rodent droppings, sheds, pool heaters, crawls, attics, vacant houses, etc.

A mud fox from Friday’s crawl. :stuck_out_tongue:

I too wear the best mask I can get.
For a dirt crawl, rainpants and a rain jacket with elastic cuffs.

I know of a fellow who lost a lung from breathing dust in Mexico, probably Hantavirus in rodent droppings.

John Kogel


Some diseases which can be encountered in crawlspaces can enter through the mucous membranes around your eyes.