Crazy new technology released by NACHI.TV, sure to change the world!

Go to , press play and watch the green bar slowly load the show just fast enough to keep up with you watching it, so you can’t fast forward or jump ahead until it is loaded.

Then go to , press play and watch the green bar load nearly instantly, fast enough to allow you to fast forward and jump ahead to anywhere in the show almost immediately.


This new technology will become very useful to inspectors as NACHI.TV moves toward becoming an online, inspection training provider.

InterNachi : always at the front of the pack !
That’s the reason I joined InterNachi.:smiley:

Yeah, now you can FF past that big guy on the left . . . :wink:

Why would I want to do that? . . . Oh by the way, loaded real fast! . . . Thanks big guy on the right. :mrgreen:

They could also rewind during the 30 seconds that I actually get to speak. Oh wait, that was the best part. Russ did all the talking, and did an awesome job at it! Thanks Russ!!

It doesn’t work for me…I completely hit fast forward and rewind 4 or 5 times and never did see Paige…:stuck_out_tongue:

This is WAY Better!. :D.

Sounds like Nick is in MGM (major geek mode).