We've just changed the inspection industry... and the world.

Advanced online video inspection courses. Anytime, from anywhere: http://www.nachi.tv/episode16

Excellent info. If you had enough of these in different categories, an inspector could come back often to clarify a particular question he might have about type or clearance etc.

For some reason it was very captivating!! I never thought staircases could be that interesting!!!:wink:

No NICK you did not just Change the world. NACHI does this regularly.
(" **We’ve just changed the inspection industry… and the world. ** ").
I am pleased to see what NACHI and its members constantly do in helping each other and the industry frequently.
You get some great suppliers to help like MR B1 and many others thanks to all it sure is appreciated non stop.
Please keep up the great system
…Cookie …Glad to be part of NACHI . Fantastic ,Love it.

One suggestion. Get her a wireless mike. She almost pulled out the wire with her foot in that first section.

Wow, I didn’t know that studying up stairways could be so…so interesting. Very nice set of stairs


So when I’m trying to watch this episode it keeps stopping and starting…haven’t had that problem on previous episodes…is anybody else having this problem or do i just need to hit my screen with the hammer again?..thanks, jim

Works fine. Please wear PPE when using your hammer on your screen.:wink:

Put all this training in the Mem only section

Yes, I am being nasty but busness is busness


I agree with Richard.
Most of the educational materials should be in the members only section.

There could be sample of the types of educational materials offered as an incentive to others to join the party.


thanks Mike …it appears to be my cable connection…it is awful windy here tonight…

After watching that I’m going to add a stairs section to my inspection template.

What’s wrong with this?

No hand rail.

Correct. It has four risers. Too easy.

A person’s safety may depend upon our ability to inspect a stairway.

The purpose of the video is to go over a stairway in detail so that when we’re on an inspection we can recognize and document a defect quickly.

I recommend printing out the stairway checklist and reading it while the video plays. There are details in the checklist that Paige does not go over.

Stairway narratives are available too.

**Congratulations on a job well done! **

BUT …In New Hampshire out on one side of their mouths ASHI & NAHI members are constantly telling us how superior ASHI & NAHI is to NACHI while on the other side of their mouths they are telling us that they continually come to the technical sections and they take our “FREE” online courses!

  • **NACHI members pay their annual dues which help fund these “FREE” courses. **
    ASHI & NAHI members just sit and ridicule our association and our members and without paying a dime reap the same benefits as the due paying members.

**I would respectfully but strongly suggest that all "technical / training" videos be for dues paying members.

Once again, congratulations on a job well done!

Frank writes

Agreed. Consider it done (I just have to figure out how, as NACHI.TV is not funded by InterNACHI members).

I am in 100% agreement!

**You have just made my day!:stuck_out_tongue: **

I would like to say that “NACHI TV” is just one more example of your “forward thinking”!

  • **Many self proclaimed “leaders” are leaders in title/name only. **
  • You have shown that you are a man of your word and “a man of action”!
    There is little question as to why NACHI is so successful and with you at the helm I see nothing but growth, and success for our association.

Once again I congratulate you on a job well done and I look forward to more “technical” NACHI TV episodes.

We contacted Joe Tedesco yesterday and he’s going to help us produce some advanced technical shows on electrical inspections.