Crazy Question - Are there any Home Inspectors that are Realtors?

I’ve always wondered if there are any home inspectors out there that are also Realtors? As in - they don’t inspect the properties they sell or anything unethical - they just sell houses like normal realtors and inspect other houses for other clients and keep them both completely separate?

There are some out there. Not worth the cost and time. Monthly dues, MLS fees, Supra Key fees and additional annual CEU’s.

I was not only a top-producing REALTOR the entire time I ran my inspection company, but my inspection company was in an office within my real estate (RE/MAX) building.

Yea, and I’m under investigation by the State for conflict of trade…

So before you go off and get your RE Licence for the obvious reason of finding more clients, ponder all viewpoints and State Regs.

Now a way around it is to marry a Realtor; Like Charlie B, Jeff Pope and Russell Ray…

Have you been Horse trading again ???

Are you serious?

Yup. I made a recommendation to my client to go “Google” something on the internet for more information if it was a concern to him (outside the scope of Home Inspection), and the seller Googles it and ended up back on my web site. He filed a complaint that I was using HI for another business.

Next time I go to AZ to work with Dale I think I’ll bring this along…

How is it a conflict of trade?

How could you possibly have time for both ?
Just seems very conflicting on so many levels.

I was running InterNACHI and my construction company as well.

  • I work more hours than most people (It’s 3:31 AM here BTW).
  • I never do anything that I can delegate to one of my employees.
  • I create systems for everything that get smoother over time.