Creating a list of expensive defects to be on high alert for

I’m currently making a list of important defects to be on high alert for that can cause expensive damages to homeowners. Can you think of any others?

Here’s what I have so far…
-Kitec piping
-Polybutelyne piping
-Galvanized piping
-F1807 or QPEX fittings
-Aluminum wiring
-Buried oil tank
-Improperly abandoned cesspool/well/septic tank

A dumb a** inspector can cause a lot of extra expenses. :grinning:


So basically every old house and every new house.

Okay got it.

Be careful with what you call “defects.” But I agree; there are instances in which some of these materials will be of concern.

Don’t over complicate things. Report everything that you do not want to pay for. A slow drain on a bathtub or bathroom sink may seem trivial. It could also mean that the Orangburg sewer collapsed, and the street needs to be torn up to replace it.

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