Creative plumbing

Unusual set up of vanity plumbing, but is it wrong. That is the question of the day.

They were trying to avoid the Drawer guide it seems.:roll:

Roller coaster drain


P3170084 (Small).JPG

Dr. Suess at it again…

I would call it as wrong! That set up will siphon all of the trap every time… It’s got to go!

That’s just weired.:roll:

I have to agree with my learned friend Mr Allen, it’s basically an “S” trap and should be replaced.



Stop calling me names!!!:roll:

Assuming the venting is inside the wall and most likely a wet vent,The weir of the trap is above the vent opening, all they would have to do is extend the tailpiece and they could set it up correctly, but they also need to be aware not to make the tailpiece longer than 24"

Thanks guy, That’s exactly how I called it. Just wanted to show ya.

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Aloha Hammer

I guess it would have been better to call it an “s” trap, but… I like my narratives to be shocking!!:D;)


An extension of the Tail piece will work and properly connect the drain per what is visible.

Where do you see an S Trap?

The way that is set up it is worse than an “s” trap.

Sure you could fix it by …,but I assumed he wanted to know what was wrong and not how to fix it.

The top of the loop does not have the minimum distance before turning back down. (less than 6". This is what I’ve always considered to be the definition of an s-trap.

If I am in error I’d like to know so I can be a better inspector



I am not sure of the deffinition, but I know farked up plumbing when I see it.:wink: