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I took the recommendation for credit card processing through empowered point of sale Inc. Which is connected to Signature Card Services . I would recommend that no one enroll in that program . I have had a very bad experience with them , namely Signature Bank . (1) Signature bank has no rating with the Better Business Bureau . (2) They have 5 complaints filed against them in 2013 , I just filed one 5/9/14 . (3) there fee structure is not accurate they add a number of misc. fees each time they bill you . I processed
193.50 payment I was billed in total 98.06 in processing fees. Most fee statements come in with not explanation of charges . I only kept the account for 7 days , then closed it , but they continued to bill me after my account was closed . Do yourself a favor and get Square , :mad: Regards

That is atrocious! :shock::frowning:
Thanks for sharing your experience.

Yeah thanks sry for your luck.

Wow, Gordan. That’s terrible. I’ve just contacted the Senior Vice President at Signature for comment. I’ll post an update here when I hear back from him.

There must be a mistake. I will investigate and make sure a full refund is issued. If anything Gordon I will refund you the full amount myself.

That is not possible. It was clearly an error.

Gordon, you will receive a FULL REFUND of $98.06. It was a miscalculation in billing. You should have contacted me first I am your best liaison to get fast results. I really go to bat to resolve any issues immediately. But how can I know if I’m not contacted. As you see IMMEDIATELY I had your refund issued within minutes of your post.

Give it a day or two for a direct deposit into your bank account.

Wow, it sure is great to be an InterNACHI member.

Bill took good care of me too. My last month’s average percentage using Signature was around 2.15% total and that was with around a 50/50 split of keyed in transactions (out of state) and swipes. Very happy with them, plus only one monthly debit of fees instead of each transaction which helps with cashflow and accounting.

Ditto. I think Signature will save InterNACHI at least $10,000 in processing fees this year.

I was recently emailed this:

I highly recommend Bill Janis of Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. He has helped me give my customers a way to pay with debit or credit for my services in a way that is economical for me to afford. Thank you, Bill. I definitely appreciate Internachi using Bill as their bankcard vendor helping their members with making the right choices for their inspection business.

Vincent Chinell
Vico Home Inspection

Vince Chinell, CPI