Credit Card Processing Alternatives

I know other threads have addressed this issue however they are old and I did not feel anyone would respond. I have been using Paypal since inception for my credit card processing. I would like to get a processor with a lower percentage as apposed to Paypal’s 3% across the board pricing. I know a lot of you use Square and are happy with it but at 2.75% it is essentially the same as Paypal. Why do most inspectors not use the 1.65% company that InterNACHI endorses? Hidden fees? Poor customer service? Any other options!

I almost hooked up with Merchant One…then I realized how horrible their reviews were including their $750 early cancellation fee etc.

I would truly appreciate any and all input you can give me regarding this issue.

Not sure about your area. It wasn’t available for my area at the time, so I went with square.

I thought I remember seeing somewhere that the one that InterNachi endorses has a minimum monthly transaction amount you have to meet, if you don’t than they charge a fee.

Quickbooks has their own processing unit that is supposed to integrate with your Quickbooks program to make book keeping easier, if you use Quickbooks