Credit Card Processing Fees

Not sure about you guys, but I’m tired of eating credit card processing fees. Some months I give away over $800 to collect my hard earned money. When I started my company, I viewed this as part of doing business. I can’t afford it any longer.

I have found a processor ( that has a new program where you pay a set $50 per month and they charge the client a set percentage as a processing fee. Here is my problem…I use Home Gauge to create my reports and there is currently not a way to set this up. I’m asking all you Home Gauge users to email Home Gauge and demand the change occur. is listed on Home Gauge’s website as the preferred provider.

Charging transactions in this manor is nothing new. Almost every internet site I purchase through charges a processing fee.

Please help and email

I have been utilizing Zelle for quit a while now. Only issue is whether the client uses their email or phone number to send a request to. Most times they dont know. I have since sent to both and just tell them to ignore the other then I cancel that request. Easy peasy.

Do you want to pass a fee onto your customer in the form of a processing fee?
Wording it as a processing fee may be perceived as veiled in the eyes of the client.
My suggestion would be to raise your rates to cover the overhead.

You may also want to look at how the competition structures their rates. Does the competition charge a “processing fee”?

Every business thinks about who should pay the fee. The norm has been the proprietor absorbs the costs.
Some businesses have used “discounts” for cash transactions. Since the business already raised their prices or rates.

Though times are changing and businesses are slowly implementing those fees

Government transactions will typically accrue a processing fee for obvious reasons.

I hope my input and response has not been long winded.

I wish you the best

I just deduct my credit card fees at tax time. Easy and doesn’t piss off the client.


I have been charging a 3% fee to credit card customer for years now. I let them know up front, no one has had an issuel
When I first started inspecting 15 years ago, nobody used credit cards for inspections.

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