Credit Cards

I’m looking into getting set up to accept credit cards, debit cards, is the free machine advertised on the NACHI site a good one, and what is the percentage of each transaction that is charged?

Mitch, I can’t comment on the free machines but I have been very pleased with the ease (and fees) of using Paypal. I have a link on my web page that walks clients though the pay online option. You can research here

Thanks Robert, I think the link that you sent me is going to be just what I was looking for.

Mitch Harris

I use Paypal as well and it works good for me.

PayPal here too. No complaints.

My only complaint with paypal is I currently have a client trying to make payment and he forgot his password. If you don’t have a account with the email address your using to make payment Paypal will let you bypass the password and just let you make payment. If your email is linked in their database they will require a password. Forget your password the client has to make up a new email address just to make payment. It’s irritating me.

Google Checkout is the cheapest.

Billy, you are “snake bit”:p, I’ve never had that problem.

I use ProPay and am very happy with it. No monthly fees, although a $29.99 yearly fee. You can enter a transaction by phone or their website. Rates are pretty good too. If I do not have any credit card biz for the month, no fee. I did use the INACHI free system, while it was impressive, it did run about $50/month to use, even if no one paid by the card.

I am thinking of adding Goggle to my website for clients that want to pay using that feature.

Thanks James =) The rates here are up to a full 1% cheaper than paypal depending on the transactions, plus the money goes straight to your bank account in 48 hours, you don’t have to keep pulling it out like paypal. And if you’re like me and were paying $35 a month for paypals virtual terminal you’re spending a lot more than needed.