Master card

Hi Everyone,
Anyone remember the credit card service deal that was offered to NACHI members on the site not so long ago? I don’t seem to find it anymore and part of the 2008 marketing was to add M/C & Visa as a convenience for my customers.

Anyone using that system? Any feedback?

As always,
Thanks for the help.
Happy new year to all!!

Tango Sierra

Here is a good one for web pages or phone processing.

Here’s another option:

You also might want to consider just using paypal as their rates are 2.9% + .30 transaction fee with no statement or monthly fees.

I just signed up with PayPal myself and love it very easy to do, No sign up fees, no monthly fees, 2.9% + .30 per transaction. Should have done this a long time ago.

Paypal for me too with an easy to setup “Pay Now” button on your website.
If you would like to send me some money to try it out… :cool:

Hey Robert,

I just PayPal 'ed you a ton of money.

Happy New Year…

You da man David!!

Happy New Year to you too!!

Everyone, follow David’s lead. A prosperous 2008 for all that do :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG David! I thought you were kidding! Just got the email notification from Paypal. Now, if some one sends me $1000.00, I’ll have $1000.02. :smiley:

Hey, I simply had to put in my 2 cents.

Funny ayy? Happy New Year and please don’t spend it all in one place.


Let’s see…$0.02 less 2.9% and $0.30…David’s contribution only cost Robert $0.28. :mrgreen:

True. If we all give robert our .02 then he’d go broke!


Trust me, I thought of that. I checked the transaction and the .02 was charged a fee of .02 net 0.00. Whew!!! Be nice to me guys, I love ya :lol:

Haha, how nice of paypal to do something for free!

You gave me a great idea! Everyone else who wants to buy Home Inspector Pro, needs to now pay in .02 increments via paypal. That way I won’t have to lose $12 due to processing fees for every sale!! Unfortunately you’ll have to submit a payment 20,000 times, but hey, I’ll save $12!

I’ll be your Beta test. Everyone start sending me money;-)


I don’t think he’s kidding.:smiley: :smiley:

Maybe you’re right. This doesn’t look like the face of a guy who kids:

I’m going to send him me .02 right now :smiley:

OMG! You just made me hurl :vomit: the last of my eggnog ice cream on my keyboard! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley: