Credit cards

If gas companies can charge more for using a credit card, can we also do that, and, if so, how do we have to advertise it.

I feel that the 2.1% is much more convenient for me. I guess I could add 5% to my prices and everyone pays the fees even if paid by check…I would never charge a fee for something, but I would give a discount. Same exact thing but people respond better to discounts.

So if it’s $100 then charge $105 to all and give a 5% discount for checks or cash…People will take advantage of the discount and respond better…just my 2 cents…

Actually Bill, when I manage a gas station, we knew what the charge was going to be, 3% for Visa and MC, 5% for American Express, and it was figured into the cost.
So, the load of gas was XXXXXX dollars, broken down by the gallon, it was roughly a 2 cent increase, which was the final price of 179.99 per gallon…back in 1986!

I don’t advertise taking credit cards but, if I do, there is a fee for it.

Russell is dead on. Also, check with your State. Example: Minnesota says I cannot charge more for payments by credit card, but, I am allowed to offer a discount for payment by Cash. Like Russell stated, clients love discounts, whatever the reason.

It is illegal in the state of FLORIDA to charge a fee for using a credit card !
Alot of people do not know that, when people try to charge me more and I bring this up, you would be amazed at the discounts they throw at me.

Can we get a reference?

In RI you cant charge extra for using a credit card either. According to the visa / MC agreement. Tons of people still do though. I have not taken credit cards for inspections yet as i dont feel like i lose any customers because i only take check or cash so i probably wont, my 2 cents…

There is, however, a very fine line. If the merchant clearly states that there is a cash price discount, they are able to charge two different prices. However, if the price you see is clearly stated in plain view and they say something along the lines of, “that will be an extra $3 for credit cards,” that is crossing the line. The Federal Truth in Lending Act states: 167, (2) “No seller in any sales transaction may impose a surcharge on a cardholder who elects to use a credit card in lieu of payment by cash, check, or similar means.”


It’s illegal to charge a fee (discount for cash is okay) in

New York

BUT, not the top of the page: " Visa rules do not allow retailers to charge cardholders a checkout fee for using their cards." In other words, Visa never allows it, but it’s not illegal in the other 40 states.

Is it a credit card or debit card? I forget the actual law.

This is not Wal-Mart.

You don’t have stickers on your inspections and a cash register?
Don’t you ask a bunch of questions about the house and the inspection before you give a proposal price?

Why can’t you ask how they plan to pay?
(before you quote a price)?

It may not be by the rules, but how can anyone know how you set your proposed price?

Hell guys charge more for a crawlspace. How can you do an inspection without inspecting the crawlspace? You just charge more.

Almost every house around here (even if they have a basement) has a CS. If it is on a slab, I often give a discount. Why not if they pay with cash or check?

Are you sure? Why do Gas stations do it?

Or, are they offering a discount on gas paid with cash or debit?

Thank you Dominic!

Gas stations charge for debit/atm cards. Those are different than credit cards.