Credt Card Fraud

Just recived my credit card statement, to my surprise I was in too places at the same time ( Paris France and Petawawa Ontario ) My credit number was used to steal close to 10,000 in two days in france on a holiday. Visa informed me that they have to do an investigation. The high tech theives break into places like pay pal etc any place that hold personnel information and use it.

That is why my card companies send me an email when ever there is a large purchase. I just had the fraud division of one of my cards call a few days ago since I made a purchase overseas. They wanted to make sure that I had made the purchase.

I also check my balances on line every few days. Just last month I saw a withdrawal from my personal checking that I did not authorize. Apparently it happens all the time.

Yeah 10k worth of purchases should have been stopped way before it got that far. My bank emails and calls me when I spend $1,000! You might want to find out why your bank let things run amok like that, especially when you were showing purchases in another country on the same day. Sounds like time to find a new bank.

By the way, if you go to and join for free you can connect your bank account and even bills and it will alert you to purchases and you can view all of them at any time online or on your cell phone as well.

Just yesterday I got a call from the fraud division of my credit card company to check on a purchase. It wasn’t me. $800 charge from Apple. New card coming in the mail soon.

Two weeks ago I had a call from me credit card company. 3 attempted charges all internet related. I knew at once they were fraudulent since the first one was from

Fraud department followed up right away. New card received Overnight delivery. Good work if you ask me.

I got hit in June over $3.000.00 at several places here in Chicago.

Anyone use lifelock? I know it only helps with credit issues. Seems nothing would keep people from the fake charges except your bank directly.

I got it a few months ago for $2000 for phone apps. They called on a Sunday night to take care of it. New card was issued and the charges were dropped. My wife gets a phone call and e-mail for every purchase on her card. I get calls when I charge over $1000.

10K CC. What are doing with that kinda dough on a CC card anyways? I have two CC’s. One with $500 limit and one with a $1000 limit. I find myself at $500 in debt I stop using them till it’s paid off or down atleast half. After living my life in my 20’s in bad CC debt there is NO WAY I’ll ever go down that path again. I only have them now to keep a good credit score. Otherwise it would be all cash for me.

I use LifeLock.

I dropped a credit card at the mall a few weeks ago (oops), and didn’t realize it until the CC Company contacted me regarding some suspicious purchases. Apparently someone found the card and used it to purchase Itunes, phone apps and a nice computer system from Dell - to the tune of about $3500.

I have a new card now and I am not responsible for the fraudulent charges. . .

I have several with a $10K limit, one with $25k and another with $35K. You just have to learn to be responsible, Billy :wink:

I have quite a few like Jeff, just rarely use them. It’s important for a high credit score to show that you have a good credit line available and that you have made payments on it. Plus if there’s ever an emergency you have it available. Just don’t use them otherwise!

Exactly…when I bought my last Truck I put $15,000 on my American Express Business Card, when I got home I paid the 15K through my bank account linked to the card payment center.

It does give you a good credit rating…especially at American Express Business anyway, I can charge up to 100K if I want to pay it in the next months statement.

I’ve got one with a $30,000 limit that was issued when I started my business. IR cameras and other high dollar equipment is something you use them for. Just make sure you can pay off what you charge.