Warning for card users

Went to buy some gas yesterday and was denied based on it turns out my Bank cancelled it.
Over the weekend somehow a hacker was trying to make charges from all over the country for Google,Vegas,websites,etc.
Many were $1.00 charges and some were up to $49.00 which might go unnoticed so be sure to go over your accounts and look for small suspicous charges.
Now I must wait for a few weeks and have all my auto pays cancelled till then also.
This can be a big time burden not to mention money.
Be careful and watch transactions on your cards.

I doubt they will even catch whoever is doing it.

A lot of the time it is done through local transactions, such as somebody working at a convenience store copies the numbers and then sells them to somebody else in a different state. My debit card got over $500 charge at Walmart on-line in December, and then the credit card company asked me if I made the charge, right after it happened. There was a bunch of one dollar charges on my account too. It is a pain when it happens but that is life.

They say that 2012 is the year of the hackers… upgrade your AV and Spyware stuff… Free may cost ya :slight_smile:

The $1.00 charges are typically the crooks making sure the card is going to work. I recently got a call from my credit union at 6 AM on a Sunday. They noticed I used my debit card here in GA saturday night and at the same time it was being used in Pittsburgh to by gas and food at McDonalds. When they refunded me all of the fraudulent charges there were several $1.00 charges to online tool companies, etc. The credit union fraud department said this was a common way the crooks work; steal your info, make a card, test it, and then go for the big ticket stuff.

Do not buy anything online. Do not let anyone take your CC away from you; such as a drive-through or a waitress. Ask any clerk for the right for you to scan your card; not them. Use a credit card with a $1K limit, and pay it off monthly. Pay your CC via phone; it is safer than mailing a check. Do not bank online. You young guys will learn the hard way from us old folks.

You mean you old folks learned about online Banking back in the sixties?..:slight_smile:

I had an issue using my card this weekend they say MC is having issues with ccs codes. The code in the back of your card.

Sure did some times there was 6 people in the line … Roy

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Consider pulling your credit report. This could elevate to Identity Theft, and then you’re really screwed!

Good one Roy.:slight_smile:

Good thought.

Pain in the neck trying to figure all the little places my card is often used and the
Bank is in process to refund and some of the charges are going to go through with them refunding me.
Meanwhile my auto pays are not gonna get a cent which is the bad part.

Hi Bob
I recently got a phone call from my bank that informed me that th A.T.M. card I have was had been suspended due to unusaual activity. When I called them back they explaned a charge for $50.00 was run at a location that did not exist , so they have some in house security even for A.T.M. cards. Its was still a pain to ghet all the auto pays changed and a new card issued. So yeah keep a eye on it since they are really out there to get us all thesed days.

On back of your card don’t sign your name. Write “check Photo I’D”. I get ID every rtime. Just a way to add protection if your card is stolen or lost. Gives you a buffer until you cancel your card.

Yep,I had to change my auto pays info before things got shut down so was relieved when the new card came.
Twice a week they are still adding money back in to the account.

One nice lady I spoke on the phone with wanted my card info on the phone and after my explaination of what happened so be responsible by not ever doing that no matter how sweet they are as anyone can listen in.

I got a call last year (on a Sunday) from Visa to inquire about a bunch of charges to one of my business credit cards. Someone had charged about $2000 to my card for phone apps, $29.95 each!!! Visa covered the charges since it was a business account and immediately issued a new card.

I do not want to imply anything, but there is only one techno inspector, who we all know, that could spend $2,000 on phone apps.
Pay back is a b i t c h.:stuck_out_tongue:

You just confirmed how stupid I thought you were Einstein.:wink:

It was a joke, lighten up!

But honestly, you need to stop stalking, Bob.:stuck_out_tongue:

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