Crib Safety and Inspection. New inspection article.

Crib Safety and Inspection.

Furniture inspectors?

I haven’t agreed to start inspecting appliances, yet. Jeez.

Are cribs attached to houses these day? :roll:

Child safety is an important issue but come on guys.

Consumer targeted article. Nice BTW

A new baby is one of the main reasons people move. Put the inspection articles on your website.

It’s really simple. If you were to turn the dwelling upside down, the items that fall out should never be a part of the inspection.

Of the items remaining, inspect the objects and components that are covered in the SOP.

As to putting articles on your website, especially ones that heal with the safety of a child, be sure and put a HUGE DISCLAIMER there, stating that the article was neither authored by you, nor reviewed by you. You put it up for informational purposes, but are NOT responsible for the accuracy of its content AT ALL.

I like that… “Turn a dwelling upside down”

Well said Joe!

So…shall we expect to see an article on “inspecting breast pumps”, soon?:wink:

I read an article on a modification to a sex toy that landed a woman in a hospital. Apparently, her husband attached an artificial appendage to a sawzall, and the contraption failed in service (true story).:shock:

Apparently people can be maimed or even die through the improper modification or use of these products. I also hear that some have become addicted to the larger versions of these devices. Some versions utilize 110volts for operation. Do they need to be connected to AFCIs? They need to be tested for safe operation and handling. Most do not come with manuals for proper application and safe usage.:neutral:

Perhaps we should offer an inspection service on these devices. I’ll start working on an SOP right away… :wink:

OMG!!! Where did you read this article? I’m assuming it was not in “Readers Digest”!!! Never mind…don’t tell me. ROTFLMAO

Furniture Inspections? Y risk even more liability.

A lot of the articles are meant for consumers. As an inspector, you can inspect whatever you want.

I like all the article Rob.

If I do not feel like the article is something I can use, then, I do not use it and just figure perhaps someone else finds it useful. :smiley:

The well gone dry, boys???

Excellent idea, Brian.

How about an article on the proper method for dealing with dry wells on inspected properties. (Then…maybe something on puppy chew toys…)

It needs a GFCI. Used in a wet location.:smiley:

We need an article on the dangers of strangulation in mini-blinds.

Seriously, we are not the Consumer Product Safety Commission. And home buyers really don’t visit a HI website to read that type of information. And if they do a search on the subject and stumble on a HI website hosting that article, they probably didn’t land there looking for a home inspection.

Just my 2 cents.

I agree that would be a good one…