CSA & Electrical Code Guide

In doing a little research on CSA, I stumbled on this web link. I sure most Canadian home inspectors have bought, used and referred to the yellow covered Electrical Code Guide by Gordon Knight. At least I have for many years - great little reference guide!

Is this an example of potentially trampling all over the current Standards of Practice that already exist?

Thanks Claude very interesting .

Some thing to remember this CSA is the group who want to have control of the Canadian Home Inspectors .
Hope it never happens… Roy

Here is a really nice video about how crooked CSA is: http://www.restorecsa.com/

At the bottom of the page.

I’ve been explaining this for more than a year now. CSA charges for each and every use of its standards, so their standards could never be of any use to the home inspection industry.

Every home inspector should see this movie Bottom Right .

More videos here: http://www.restorecsa.com/videos

Please read the letter above mine on Inspection news .
. Great letter we need more letters sent in Thanks … Roy

CSA lawsuit against P.Knight, whose very useful and helpful book costs a mere $12, confirms what we all know damn well - money talks.