CSST Bonding Clamps

Are these type of clamps acceptable for CSST Bonding Remediation instead of your normal CU bracketed clamps?

Water Pipe Ground Clamps Zinc fits 1/2-1 UL Approved - see amazon link for specifics

Ie connecting the brass fittings to the 6ga cu wire ultimately to the homeowners galvanized waterline service connection. They are zinc platted and probably steel composite.

Thanks for everyone’s input.

I can’t say but an electrician would probably know. :smile:

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I use these, but why would you need more than 3?

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In California, it doesn’t matter what clamp we see, we are required to refer any presence of CSST it to an electrician.

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Gotcha… thank you all! All boils down to metallurgy… so Ian, even if you see grounding clamps on then brass fittings, and 6ga cu wire running to the appropriate ground, you must mandatoraly flag it?

Chuck, agreed :smile: but I need 5 per house

In Maryland we also are required to recommend that only a licensed master electrician can verify the CSST bonding. It helps to know how its supposed to be done. Just recently saw one bonded to the copper water pipes that had a polyethylene feeder.

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same here in Virginia if the house was built before 2006

Who requires that in California?

Franks, Google: SB-998, “Proper Bonding and Grounding of Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing Act