CSST gas pipe

I am looking for a good comment to write on my reports when I find CSST (brand type on list) gas pipes in a home. Does anyone have one, or comments concerning the the lawsuit/concerns with CSST (brand names) gas pipes?

I found this article.



"To avoid the expense of litigation, the four Defendants agreed to settle this case. The proposed settlement is a compromise of disputed claims. The defendants will continue to manufacture and sell CSST after the proposed settlement. No product recall or product modification is required or contemplated under the proposed settlement.

The proposed settlement provides payment vouchers for class members who qualify. The payment vouchers will help settlement class members defray the costs of buying and installing a lightning protection system or bonding and grounding certain systems in their structures.

Settlement class members who have CSST manufactured by the defendants will be entitled to a payment voucher that can be used either toward the installation of a lightning protection system (including bonding and grounding) or for bonding and grounding of the systems in their property. Payment voucher values range from $200 to $2,000 for the installation of a lightning protection system and from $75 to $160 for bonding and grounding only. "