CSST gas share?

  1. One of these is going to have no individual gas shut off.
  2. Both have no drip leg or sediment trap unless the CSST counts as both!
  3. Doesn’t the gas feed have to be solid for a certain distance from the gas valve?


Looks like appliance connector to me, not CSST.

  1. Yes, defect.
  2. Not required all areas
  3. okay as shown

There is nothing regarding item 3 of which I am aware.

The lack of a shutoff and sediment trap is a defect, so you’re done with that and move on.

But if you want to keep citing defects, the appliance connector is designed for connecting an appliance to a gas supply. Not for connecting two sections of gas piping together. Used improperly in my opinion.

Aside from the comments already made by other, to which I agree, except for the sediment trap being optional, this photo befuddles me. I can see unitions above the Ts on both of these system. This should be the incoming gas supply with or without a flexible appliance connector (flex and a union would be redundant). There should be gas shutoff valves above each of these. The gas appliance connector laying on the ground should not be there at all. Instead there should be a sediment trap where each end is connected. I’d like to see a wider shot.

Complete hack job.

I only have the one photo. It’s for the “What’s the Defect?” flash card project.

based on that pic
unions are beneficial when replacing either wh

The second WH appears to be dependent on the primary’s feed to supply the gas. It also appears that it had an independent feed at one time and presumably an independent shutoff as well. The length of the of flex is also of concern as it is subject to damage. Sure looks wrong from here. Hard pipe with an independent shut off within hands reach should be the rule.

Ah! This one might need a “D: All the above” option