CSST installed in furnace cabinet

I’ve seen some back and forth on this but they were older posts & I didn’t get a definitive answer. Is it OK for CSST to be run into a furnace cabinet? There was a rubber grommet where it passed through the cabinet wall. And any length still needs to be bonded? Some of the jacket was missing.
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When I was installing Gas-Tite CSST it was allowed to directly connect to the gas valve. Your best bet is to contact your local inspector and ask a question as every jurisdiction and manufacture installation will vary.

Agree with Martin. Some AHJ’s allow it, some don’t.

Thank you.

Eli it’s hard to see if there is a dirt leg on that supply

Thank you for responding, yes its there, just a little farther back.

IAPMO ANSI LC 1 ● CSA 6.26, “Fuel gas piping systems using corrugated
stainless steel tubing”

Section 4.7 (q) CSST shall not be directly routed into a metallic gas appliance enclosure utilizing a metallic vent that penetrates a roofline. The CSST connection shall be made outside of the metallic gas appliance enclosure to a section of rigid metallic pipe, stub‐out, or termination fittings.

So the question becomes, does it have a metallic vent that penetrates a roofline?

If yes then it’s not allowed.

It also looks like the 180 degree bend is too tight.

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Seeing PVC in two pictures, I would hazard a guess that it is okay, in this instance, per your code, Bob. :smile:

I’ll give you that, however look at the drawing I added for that bend. If the minimum radius is 3" then that 180 needs to see 6" of air between the two sides.

Don’t see a sediment trap, I guess that might be a valve back there. Valve has to be within 6 feet.

There ya go. Bob’s on it…per usual. :smile:

Around here, if you have any gas pipe other than steel enter through the cabinet like that, the gas company will red tag & disconnect the appliance.
I report on it, too.

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I agree best practice is to have steel gas pipe connecting to the gas valve and exiting the appliance by a few inches. Then a connection can be made with the CSST. Problem is the entire reason plumbers run CSST is to cut corners it’s easy and fast to install with a typical home being completed in under 3 hours. Threading pipe will typically take 4-6 hours.

Same here, Brandon… :smile: