ive done a few newer (<2 yr) old homes recently and have seen quite a bit of this CSST stuff. said houses will have a rigid black pipe main coming into the house and then CSST branch off to H20 tank and gas logs.

i cant seem to find any specific requirements for proper installations. (ie, size, length, how to properly secure, which appliances can use it, etc…) can anyone point me in the right direction? is this something that is different per city?



Gastite Division
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Settlement: http://www.pddocs.com/csst/

hmmm… only one response. how are you all reporting the use of this stuff?


Perhaps you missed the correct link in Barry’s post.

Try This

and this one too.:slight_smile:

Design and Installation Guide

…and these:

are we to assume that ALL CSST installations should be bonded to the electrical system? or is this one of those things thats superceeded by the AHJ? i just dont want to get into any arguements later.

I may recommend something…then, whether it is done or not is not my concern. :wink: