Why is there a curb added to the poured concrete foundation at the front of this 2001 built home? It extends in front of the home up until the front porch and under the hose bib.

Also I rarely see the sump pump vented this way. This is acceptable to vent this way or am I in need of correcting. I would think that possably some of the disharge could go thru the vent. This pump crock was bone dry and has never seen water in 5 years. Pump still looked new.

87506 Brunswick 003 (Small).jpg

87506 Brunswick 003 (Small).jpg

This is not a “curb” from the foundation. It is part of the footing from the porch I would suspect. I would need to see more of the front elevation/porch to be certain. It looks like part of the first floor is cantilevered over this short span.

As for the sump discharge, this is fine the way it is sleeved and looks to be tied into the line with the downspout. I would verify where this connection discharges to, wether it is into a storm sewer drain or connection or into a wetland area as per the original plot plan from the build job. Ask the homeowner for a copy of the plot plan or mortgage survey to determine this.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

It is also a possible mistake by the builder in that he poured the basement too small or sold an extension to the house and forgot to change the foundation plan to accommodate for it. In any case this is definitely a trench footing that is part of the basement foundation. My experience is as a homebuilder and I am giving you my insight from that perspective.